Kindergarten Exmissions

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We understand that choosing the right Kindergarten for your child can be challenging. We are committed to supporting our families throughout this process, through guidance in the search for the right school after Mandell. Families who wish to consider options, such as single-sex, religious, gifted and talented, or ongoing independent schools, are provided extensive support and guidance by our experienced placement team.

Preschool at Mandell

Mandell provides young children with an educational environment that is designed to nurture their cognitive, physical and developmental needs. The Twos program offers an enjoyable and stimulating environment providing a gentle transition from home to school.  At the beginning of the year, teachers work with families to promote a smooth separation process.  Throughout the year, we offer guidance to parents through toilet training, limit-setting, and other early childhood issues that may arise.

Our theme based curriculum includes art projects, songs, sensory experiences, gross motor play, and special events.  Our goal is to provide a well-rounded, experiential environment for your child that enriches their emotional, physical and intellectual development.

The Threes program is an environment that emphasizes independence, community, and collaborative learning. The curriculum is designed to foster self-confidence as well as the mastery of early learning skills and problem solving techniques.  The Fours/Fives program (Pre Kindergarten I and II) is designed to further the development of each child with the ultimate objective of social, emotional and academic preparedness.