Exmissions Process for the 2017-2018 School Year

The exmissions process is for families who are considering private and/or public Kindergarten options. Margaret Metz, Head of School, along with school consultant Robin Aronow (bio to the right), have created a comprehensive system to work with parents through the exmissions process. Margaret has nearly 15 years years of experience in both boarding and day schools. Prior to joining Mandell, Margaret served as Director of Admissions at The Nightingale-Bamford School, Associate Director of Admissions at The Groton School and chaired the ISAAGNY board for several years.
If your child is in  a Nursery (or 3’s) Class and was born in 2012, click here for detailed information about Public School Kindergarten admissions.
If your child is currently in PreK 1, PreK 2 (or 4’s), click here for detailed information about Kindergarten admissions for 2017-18.


Dear  Mandell  Parents,

I  hope  you  are  all  enjoying  the  beautiful  fall  weather.      At  this  time,  I  have  a  few  requests:

1) Please  submit  as  soon  as  possible,  but  no  later  than  November  1st,  the attached  Schools  to  Which  My  Child  is  Applying  Form  to  the  receptionist  at   your  location.  You  are  welcome  to  also  email  me  a  copy,  but  please  also   submit  the  hard  copy.    I  know  it  is  still  early  in  the  process,  so  please  update   me  if  you  end  up  adding  or  removing  any  schools  from  your  list.  I  would  like   this  form  regardless  of  whether  you  are  applying  to  private,  public,  both   types  of  schools  or  plan  to  remain  at  Mandell for  PreK  2.

2) Please  confirm  with  me  if  your  child  is  applying  early  to  a  private  school  due  to  sibling  or  legacy  status  or  at  Avenues.

3) Please  do  NOT  send  in  any  private  school  report  forms,  or  any  stamped  envelopes.    We  have  digital  copies  of  the  school  report  forms  and  will  be   sending  them  electronically.    Save  those  trees!

4) If  you  are  applying  to  private  schools,  please  complete  the  attached  Parent Volunteer Form.    I  will  be  using  it  to  complete  the  family  section  of  the   ISAAGNY  report.

5) For  those  of  you  whose  children  are  taking  the  AABL  because  they  are  applying  to  Collegiate,  Horace  Mann,  Lycee  (also  accepts  ECAA),  Ramaz  (also   accepts  the  ECAA),  or  Riverdale  Country  School,  please  forward  me  a  copy  of   your  results  when  they  become  available.

6) For  those  of  you  whose  children  are  taking  the  Stanford-­‐Binet  for  Hunter,  please  forward  me  your  test  results  with  the  name  of  your  tester  when  they   become  available.

7) For  those  of  you  whose  children  make  the  second  round  of  the  Special  Music   School,  please  let  us  know  as  soon  as  possible,  so  your  teacher  has  ample   time  to  complete  the  report.

As  always,  if  you  have  any  questions,  you  can  reach  me  at  robin@schoolsearchnyc.com.

Thank  you.

My  best,